Finding Jobs Through Craigslist


Craigslist is a great place to find free stuff, place personal ads, and believe it or not to conduct a job search. With its virtual bulletin board styling, Craigslist can be a one-stop job shop if you follow these tips.

Your Resume

Don’t post your resume on Craigslist. While conducting a job search on Craigslist, this is vital. I have found in my own job search that posting a resume on Craigslist does more harm than good. Individuals posting their resume on Craigslist tend to become the target of internet scams.

Steer clear of any position offering exuberant wages for working at home. Craigslist doesn’t review postings prior to publishing, so fraudulent “opportunities” do present themselves. If it seems too good to be true, it typically is. Examples of this are positions offering up to $5000 a week for processing checks. Many of these postings refer to the available positions as “representative” positions.


Check various categories. Sometimes positions tend to be cross-posted. I find that individuals posting jobs on Craigslist tend to wrongly categorize their positions.

Looking for a quick payday or extra cash? The “gigs” section tends to post temporary and positions offering cash for a few hours or days of employment. Craigslist offers gigs in various fields ranging from labor and event to domestic.

Read user feedback on postings prior to responding. One of the distinct advantages of Craigslist for job searching is the feedback from peers. This can definitely nip a potential bad working experience in the bud. Unfortunate that major job boards don’t offer such a function for users.

Points to note

Avoid positions that do not offer up the company/business name or location. If the posting if legitimate they will either include the name or location which you can run through an internet search.

Post your own ad on Craigslist. I have found while job searching that placing an ad for my desired position to be beneficial. In this ad, you would post what you are looking for in your job search including a line of work, a summary of relevant experience, and expected pay. I realize that this seems like a resume but it really is not as you are not providing any personal info. Interested companies can contact you via email, and for added security, you can use the “respond to poster” function on Craigslist. This keeps your personal email address anonymous.

Be aware of any position asking for personal information. There have been posting recently requiring social security and driver’s license numbers. This information is not pertinent in the beginning stages of your job search. Providing such info only leaves you open for identity theft which is a far scarier experience than simply being unemployed.

Keeping these tips in mind while searching for jobs on Craigslist will keep you safe while working toward becoming employed.